Monterey bay aquarium

  • Project: Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Type: Re-branding + Interactive Kiosk
  • Elements: Membership Card Design, Kiosk


With over 600 Species of Wild life, Plants, Sea life, and Mammals housed at the aquarium and the Open Sea Exhibit 3rd World’s Largest tank – 1.2 million gallon tank; Monterey Bay Aquarium is a popular tourist spot.


We were challenged to update a popular landmark within 72 hours.

Monterey Bay Aquarium has successfully become a top tourist spot for California. In 2017 the aquarium will celebrate their 33rd Anniversary.

After reviewing their annual reports, a change in their demographics of visitors has shifted from primarily being adult groups instead of families.


Monterey Bay Aquarium’s latest statistics


Competitive Analysis

In order to keep visitor attendance up, an analysis of another large aquarium, the Georgia Aquarium is compared to view differences. 


Monterey Bay Aquarium should intergrate advanced technologies and interactivity into it’s aquarium. They can be the leader in bringing interactive screens and experiences to bring the current museum experience.

After renovations for California Academy of Sciences were complete with upgrades in interactive experiences, attendance improved 28%. The first step towards intergrating today’s current technology is to create interactive kiosks for attendees to use for purchasing memberships, advanced tickets, and planning their visit.


For redesigning the membership cards I wanted to highlight two of the main attractions at the aquarium; the touch pool where you can experience touching a ray and the Open Sea exhibit which house many types of jellyfish. 

Color Scheme

Design Iterations

Logo and Membership Cards

Initial Screen Concept


High Fidelity Screens


Final Screens