Realms of Design

I love to delve into many various disciplines of design. From photography to screenprinting I believe having experience in these realms of design enhance my palette as a designer and give me plenty of resources for problem solving any design. 


Adobe Illustrator was the first program from the Creative Suite that I learned to use, it of course has a special place in my heart. It is my preferred tool for creating digital illustrations and iconography.

Photo Manipulation

I have used Photoshop for many various projects, as a tool for creating some enhanced photos for weddings as well as simple photos. I personally love using it for creating some unique concepts.

Wedding Signage Design

What kind of wedding does a designer have? The answer is whatever kind they can design. I challenged myself to learn a new skill; wedding signage and design. After talking to vendors and buying a Cricut, my husband being the engineer created custom copper pipe stands for the signs to hang from and I learned the power of vinyl and frequented the local plastics shop to create multiple signs, menus, charts and various materials to create an aesthetic that I called “modern geek” meets Game of Thrones. 

Fort Tarsis

Anthem fansite for the EA game

Web Design, WordPress, Card Design

Motion Design

Exercises in motion using After Effects