• Project: Queue
  • Type: App Design + Interactive Kiosk
  • Elements: Mobile App, Kiosk, RFID Bracelet


San Diego Comic Con is one of the world’s biggest conventions for comic books and now all realms of popular culture. Within the past decade the convention has seen a dramatic increase in attendance, going from a couple thousand attendees to over 150,000. 

SDCC has hundreds of panels throughout the 3 days; but Hall H is the biggest venue for all the popular film and tv shows to show their latest at the convention. This area of the convention is in such demand that attendees wait in line the whole day before the panels they want to watch. In recent years this has become a hazard to the whole weekend as well as the biggest issue for SDCC.


The demand to get into Hall H panels is too overwhelming for the convention


Create a digital waiting line for attendees to line up for Hall H and be able to enjoy the convention.


Create a digital line system for SDCC attendees to wait for a place in line for Hall H while still enjoying the rest of the convention.


San Diego Comic Con attendees


In order for the Queue system to be implemented, a few tangible items and digital devices will be needed. 

journey map

Revised and thorough plan


Logo design and color scheme


app mockup